Sons of Montezuma – Podcast Episodes

Podcast #54: From the NBA to SDSU—Coach Michael Brunker’s Incredible Hoops Journey

What if SDSU Basketball had truly taken off in the 1980’s like how it should have? You cannot begin to talk about SDSU Aztecs Basketball without first mentioning the fascinating teams of that decade led by David Smokey Gaines, the great Tony Gwynn & Michael Cage amongst others. The Sons of Montezuma Podcast was fortunate to sit down with former SDSU assistant coach & community leader Michael Brunker about his amazing hoops journey and his time with those Aztecs teams.

PODCAST #53: KTR–Micah Parrish & SDSU Basketball Banquet Recap

The Sons of Montezuma attend the SDSU Basketball banquet to get an up close & personal view of the program. And our very own SD Sports Fiend accurately predicts and gives us his first analysis of the newest incoming transfer, Micah Parrish from Oakland University. 

PODCAST #52: Tailgating with Aztec Brothers Zach & Cam Thomas

The Sons of Montezuma Podcast is going tailgating! Joining them at the new Snapdragon Stadium are the two anchors of the SDSU Football offensive & defensive line last season. Brothers Offensive lineman Zach Thomas and Defensive lineman Cam Thomas join the show just days before the NFL Draft!

PODCAST #51: Matt Araiza—The Greatest College Punter of All-Time

Don’t call him a kicker. Don’t call him a punter. Call him a weapon. The 2022 All-American and Ray Guy Award winner, Matt Araiza joins the show. Just days before the NFL Draft, Araiza tackles the big questions about his journey from soccer player, to becoming the greatest college punter of all-time.

PODCAST #50: KTR–SDSU Basketball Season Recap & Transfer Portal Targets

The SDSU Basketball season is over and so are the NCAA Championships. In this episode the Kiss The Rings crew is back to recap the final game and look ahead to what transfer portal components could come in to the Aztecs program this off season. 


PODCAST #49: Beating Cancer—Tiffany Hecklinski’s Story of Victory.

Tiffany Hecklinksi, wife of San Diego State offensive coordinator Jeff Hecklinski, stepped into the Sons of Montezuma Podcast to share her truly heartfelt story of cancer survival. It’s been ten years since Tiffany’s diagnosis that changed the Hecklinski family forever. After spreading portions of her interview all throughout the month of March, being the official colorectal cancer month of awareness, we have here today the full audio interview. Please give a listen, reflect, and share this episode with as many people as possible. You could be the real difference in saving a life.