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Podcast #59: Does USC/UCLA Jump to B1G Ten Make SDSU Next for PAC-12?

We asked for CHAOS—AND we’ve got it! USC/UCLA ditch the PAC12 for the machine that is the B1G Ten. So where does that leave San Diego State? Is it the best opportunity for the Aztecs to make the jump to a bigger conference? The guys are back to look at all that unfolded in this wild & crazy college football world we live in!

Podcast #58: Emergency ‘Kiss The Rings’ Episode—Chad Baker-Mazara No Longer an Aztec

The Kiss The Rings Crew got together to discuss the unexpected news of Chad Baker-Mazara being let go of the SDSU Basketball program. How does this affect Baker-Mazara’s basketball journey moving forward and what does it mean for this upcoming years phenomenal basketball team?


Podcast #57: Swish League Pro-Am Founder & CEO Kwaku Amoaku

The Swish League Pro-Am is San Diego’s Premier Summer Basketball league. In this episode the founder & CEO Kwaku Amoaku aka Coach Ku, joins the Kiss The Rings crew to share all about it as the 2022 league is set to begin.

4:45 – Coach Ku & Swish beginnings

11:20 – Past notable Swish League players

15:45 – How teams, players & sponsors get involved

20:05 – SDSU Outlook & Nathan Mensah’s Return

26:00 – How A.Y.B.O. is helping African Youth through Basketball

31:00 – SDSU players on 2022 Swish Rosters

Podcast #56: SDSU to the P5, Recruiting Update & Kenan Christon Report

MatteoSanDiego, K5James and Dirtball Dan are back together to give an early June SDSU Football report. The guys discuss:

3:30 K5James is sleeping with the enemy

4:00 SDSU are going to the P5 and it’s all because of SDSU_Alum2003 on Twitter

14:30 Snapdragon Stadium Update

20:30 New Football Commitments!

28:50 New USC Transfer Kenan Christon analysis


Podcast #55: The Story of Milky Phelps and Nathan Mensah Returns!

2/3 of the ‘Kiss The Rings’ Crew is back! In this episode the guys discuss:

2:30 “Maverick” Mike Tourtellot explains why Kawhi Leonard isn’t on his All-Time Aztecs list.

5:50 Nathan Mensah is coming back for another season!

9:45 Aztec Andy gives a full report on #22 Jersey retired Milky Phelps, The First All-Time Aztec basketball player


Podcast #54: From the NBA to SDSU—Coach Michael Brunker’s Incredible Hoops Journey

What if SDSU Basketball had truly taken off in the 1980’s like how it should have? You cannot begin to talk about SDSU Aztecs Basketball without first mentioning the fascinating teams of that decade led by David Smokey Gaines, the great Tony Gwynn & Michael Cage amongst others. The Sons of Montezuma Podcast was fortunate to sit down with former SDSU assistant coach & community leader Michael Brunker about his amazing hoops journey and his time with those Aztecs teams.


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