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Saturdays Are For the Sons: Caden & Cooper McDonald—Brothers in Blood, Football and Business

Earlier this week it was the Sons of Montezuma’s absolute pleasure when both Caden & Cooper McDonald put pen to paper and immediately became the 3rd & 4th members to our Sons of Monty N.I.L. Team.

Caden, the super senior linebacker and team captain, returns to SDSU to open up a soon to be San Diego landmark at Snapdragon Stadium (which coincidentally just got the green light to complete its final sale of a sliver of land to build out the rest of the development). But more importantly to #54, is to conquer the Mountain West Conference and tackle the program’s elusive 22nd football championship.

The motivation to be a champion undoubtedly drives this competitor. But the prospects of returning for an extra season and accomplish his goals just got sweeter in the off season. Not that an NIL partnership agreement with the Boot Barn wasn’t enticing enough of course.

With younger brother and fellow linebacker Cooper deciding to enter the transfer portal after attending the University of Washington, the writing was on the wall and all the makings of a brotherly reunion in San Diego seemed highly likely.

And so it came to pass that Cooper McDonald did indeed pack his bags and headed out of the Pacific Northwest, down the trail to Sunny San Diego, and became a prized addition to the vaunted Aztecs defense.

Sons of Montezuma knew immediately that we wanted the McDonald brothers on our team! With 2021 being the first season of legally permissible NIL agreements with student athletes, Sons of Montezuma had an overwhelmingly positive experience working with SDSU stand out players Greg Bell and Matt Araiza.

Signing Caden & Cooper to this 2022 Sons of Monty Team is a huge deal for us. To represent a family this way is an ultimate honor. The greatest aspect of College football that makes it better than almost any other form of the game, IS the close knit family aspect.

Everyone wants the NFL dream of playing at the highest level of your position. But often times the business and harsh realities of the league, don’t always shine the brightest of lights on a footballers time in the machine. These signings helped fulfill one of the most important visions for the SOM brand.

Our desire is not only to be a hub of information for SDSU Alumni and fans, or just to create fun experiences and unique products. But Sons of Montezuma seeks to create opportunities and an outlet that bridges the gap between the Aztecs men who put on the greatest football helmet in all of Collegiate Sports and their faithful family & friends they call, Aztecs4Life.

The Specifics

Our partnership agreement with Caden & Cooper provides them each with their own Shersey (T-shirt/Jersey) with the Sons of Montezuma brand name on the front chest, their official number front and back, and most importantly their proud McDonald last name big and bold on the backside for all to see.

Artistic renderings are still pending final sign off by the McDonald duo and the release date will be officially announced at a later time. But for a glimpse of what this style will reflect, look no further than our Sons of Montezuma Official Matt Araiza t-shirt, still for sale now in our online shop!

Also included is a separate t-shirt style that will feature both McDonald brothers on the front in an illustration style with much more creativity and fun for those fans that want something more unique.

Lastly, we look forward to featuring exclusive interviews with both Caden & Cooper McDonald on the original and longest tenured Aztecs football podcast show, the Sons of Montezuma Podcast.

We thank Caden & Cooper McDonald for seeing this vision and partnering with Sons of Montezuma. And we look forward to many more collaborations and partnerships with more Aztecs footballers this 100th season of SDSU football.

Listen below for the latest episode of the Sons of Montezuma Podcast featuring San Diego high school recruiting tracker Ruben Peña Sr of SDFNL. Also our resident coach, former SDSU assistant Coach C gives his full QB transfer Braxton Burmeister scouting report. Listen & Subscribe today!

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by Tom Ables. Photography by Ernie Anderson and others.


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