On the Montezuma Mesa: SDSU football for the week of June 29

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It’s another day closer to the start of the college football season for SDSU and the opening of Snapdragon stadium in San Diego. September 3rd will be here before we all know it, but in case you ever forget and want to stay reminded, be sure to follow Tom Able’s Aztec for Life on Twitter for your daily reminder. There you get their countdown to opening kickoff graphic with an honorable Aztecs football player graphic—always a favorite of ours to start our day.

So let’s get you caught up to speed with all the top SDSU football news just 66 days away from opening day!

Snapdragon Stadium grass, goalposts, and more grass

Looking more full and lush each day, the green natural playing surface has begun to settle in. So much in fact, that the new goalposts were quickly installed in each end zone, now giving “the Snap” a real football field look rather than a soccer pitch vibe.

And in no time flat, the recreation/premium tailgate grass fields just outside the west premium side of the stadium were filling in as well. Keep an eye and ear open for parking information for the season to be released in the next week or two according to SDUT’s Kirk Kenney.

The Aztecs 2023 football class also got in on the news lately with a linebacker commitment out of San Diego’s Lincoln High school. Chris Fewell a standout from “the Hive” made his decision via KUSI’s Prep Pigskin Report and his social media.

Lincoln football has been consistently one of the top attractive programs in the County. Signing young Chris Fewell would be an absolute quality young man and family support him as a new hometown hero. Reenforcing a strong relationship with Lincoln high is key for SDSU to continue building upon it’s recruiting goals. With so much talent in San Diego, each year there is always a potentially major contributor within the Hornets roster. Let’s hope more Hornets realize the advantages of building upon their brand in San Diego, the 8th largest city in the nation.

In the world of recruiting, every young man is looking for something different. It could be the location and lifestyle of the city, the academics of course, the style of play, the coaches, the teammates, the history and tradition of the school. Needless to say all of those factors come in to play.

SDSU in America’s finest city boasts high quality in all of those areas. Beautiful weather, a world class city, top level academics and growing, a ferocious defense and an opening up offense, top caliber coaches and a winning culture in the locker room. But you may not know the winning history of SDSU football, especially against Power 5 teams. Here are some that SDSU has a .500 winning percentage or more against.

Just as we posted our graphic of Power 5 success, in came a huge commitment out of Big12 territory, from Caleb Otlewski a 3-star linebacker. Caleb is a stud! A multi-sport player, there are rumblings that he could also be eyeing a spot on the SDSU Baseball team? We’ll have to keep our ears open for that one.

Caleb is a rangy, athletic player at the outside linebacker spot and could end up growing into another keshawn Banks type of big body. But he could also have the athleticism to play standing up similar to a Caden McDonald or Miles Burris.

Texas has been a gold mind for Aztecs football and even our friends down at UT San Antonio, the Alamodome Audible podcast let us know that Caleb is a “BIG TIME PLAYER”.

You can view Otlewski’s HUDL with videos right here!


It’s no surprise that this years quarterback competition is one unlike any other in recent SDSU memory. Both Braxton Burmeister and Will Haskell Jr. boast incredible physical skills and talents with arm strength, speed and agility. But this latest video from Braxton’s tiktok is ridiculous!

We can’t confirm when these two seperate videos were taken from, but they combined together showcase the hard work Burmeister has put into his physique. Big gains of muscle are crucial for any football player but for a quarterback? WOW.


Started actually lifting the weights instead of just looking at them 😂 #fitness #football #weightlifting

♬ original sound – Josiah🖤

We feel sorry for any defensive back trying to stop Braxton this season. Aztecs offense is definitely putting the Mountain West on notice if even their quarterback is yoked AF.

It will certainly take all that Braxton has to ensure he can stay healthy and strong this season, so we are definitely pleased to see this development—as are sure so are the coeds at SDSU. Either way this explains a lot to why Coach Hoke has been vocal about his love for Burmeister’s dedication in the weight room coming in.


On a different football. Reports this week detailed how SDSU men’s soccer will be hosting the University of Washington in a match on Snapdragon stadium’s pitch.

While soccer being perfectly able to be played at Snapdragon has always been expected, despite all the SoccerCity bros tears, it was what Landon Donovan said shortly after that got our full attention. While being a guest on the Kaplan and Crew radio show, Landon for the first time to our ears, fully admitted that Snapdragon stadium works for the MLS.

This is a huge development in the language we’ve always heard from anti-SDSU/MLS haters. What is yet to be seen is wether Donovan’s team the SD Loyal will be a part of any potential San Diego MLS franchise. Perhaps he will be, or is there a different organization that could super-seed the headstart Loyal?

This is a big pill to swallow for San Diego soccer fans, but one that will happen…mark our words.

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